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The Sure Shot HD brings arcade shooting games into your home

The new Sure Shot HD Android game console is all about bringing the fun of arcade games into the comfort of your living room.
The actual console is quite small.
Photo by Patrick Holland/CNET
The Sure Shot HD console is tiny -- about the size of a thick smartphone. It has infrared lights on the front and connects to your television via HDMI and the internet via Wi-Fi. There is an arcade style wireless gun controller, which works similar to the way the NES Zapper did with Duck Hunt.
The Sure Shot HD comes with game Big Buck Hunter Pro. It's just like the arcade version seen in bars and bowling alleys, except it's in HD. You can create a user to post scores to leaderboards and even enter online tournaments, or you can just play head-to-head with a friend. You even get to shoot-type your initials in next to your score at the end of a game just like at an arcade.

The Sure Shot HD comes with the console, wireless gun controller, HDMI cable, power cable and Big Buck Hunter Pro game.
Photo by Patrick Holland/CNET
There are a number of other game titles available for the Sure Shot HD. Games are priced similar to those found on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Sure Shot is a small company based in Austin, Texas with just nine employees. Not only has the company made an Android game console, but it has also created a platform (Sure Shot Shop) for game developers to bring other arcade-style shooting games to it.
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