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Businessman wins 'right to be forgotten' on Google in 'unprecedented' ruling

A businessman has won the right for a past-crime to be removed from Google search results

A businessman fighting for the "right to be forgotten" on Google has won his "unprecedented" High Court action against the tech giant.

The man, named only as NT2 in court, wanted a past crime he committed to not come up in search results.

Mr Justice Warby delivered a blow to Google by ruling in his favour on Friday.

The judge rejected a similar claim by a second businessman, referred to only as NT1, who had been convicted of a more serious crime.


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#IAmGay trends in China as Weibo targets 'homosexual' content in 'clean-up'

This photo illustration taken on March 19, 2014 shows the logo of Chinese microblogging platform Weibo on a smartphone in the Chinese financial city of Shanghai

A "clean-up campaign" by a popular Chinese social media site has sparked protests from its users.

Sina Weibo said it would remove "illegal" content, including "manga and videos with pornographic implications, promoting violence or (related to) homosexuality" from its website.


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Sneaky asteroid spotted whizzing between Earth and moon

An asteroid roughly the size of a 10-story building gave Earth a particularly close pass Monday morning.

Asteroid 2017 AG13 came within half the distance from Earth to the moon as it buzzed by early Monday morning at 4:47 a.m. PT. The fly-by happened shortly after scientists at the Catalina Sky Survey first discovered the space rock on Saturday.

As you can see in the GIF below, the asteroid looks to just barely miss us as it passes. In the cosmic sense, it really was a close shave. In real terms, Earth had well over a 100,000-mile (161,000 kilometer) buffer of distance.
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WikiLeaks' Assange calls report on Russia hacking 'embarrassing'

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange speaks to CNN in July.
Photo by CNET/Screenshot
WikiLeaks isn't fond of the US intel community's report released Friday about how Russia influenced the 2016 presidential election.

Julian Assange, founder of the document-leaking organization and allegedly one of the key players in what US officials termed as Vladimir Putin's "influence campaign," slammed the report during a press conference Monday broadcast via Periscope.
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Hello Kitty's new Sanrio buddy loves heavy metal and beer

Not all Sanrio characters are as cheerful and cuddly as Hello Kitty. Some are downright disgruntled.

On Thursday, Sanrio announced a new character named Aggretsuko, a red panda who works an unfulfilling office job but finds solace in heavy metal tunes.

"She's a red panda who works as an office associate of a trading company in Tokyo," Sanrio tweeted.
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